What to Wear on a First Date

When that gorgeous guy that this girl has been eyeing for quite some time finally asked her out, she would definitely flip out! She would be excited and nervous and there would be different things running through her mind. That includes what dress to wear, how she should wear her hair and makeup, etc. It’s not just guys who would like to impress their dates, especially if it’s a first date, but girls too. Girls who are about to have their most awaited date but still haven’t decided on what to wear may find these tips helpful.

The Clothes

Girls would raid their closet full of clothes but still would think that they don’t have anything to wear. But really, one doesn’t need a new dress for every date that she’ll have. There would surely be something there that can be worn for that date.

• Comfortable. The most important thing to consider when it comes to the clothes that the girl would wear on her first date is comfort. It should be something that she is comfortable wearing so she could move freely and can focus on her date instead of feeling awkward on her clothes. Furthermore, when she’s comfortable, she would feel confident, which would make her feel and look beautiful. After all, nothing is sexier and more attractive in a woman than her confidence.

• Not Too Revealing. Yes, yes, ladies want to show off their best parts. But since this is the first date, why not leave some mystery for the next date? They may show a little bit of skin but not too much. If she’s wearing a top that’s exposing her shoulders or some cleavage, the bottom should be a bit covered. If she decides to show her mile long legs with a mini skirt, the top should not be too revealing.

• Appropriate for the Occasion. Women should know the place where they would be having their date. If the guy would like it to be a surprise, they should at least know the appropriate attire to wear for the location. It would be embarrassing and awkward for the girl if she is wearing a cocktail dress and high heels and find out that they are horseback riding. She would not feel comfortable if she is wearing her jeans and rubber shoes on a formal dinner either.

• Be True. Most of all women should stay true with their style. Yes, they want to impress their dates. But this doesn’t mean changing their personal fashion just for that guy. They should be accepted no matter what their sense of fashion is. After all, this is what makes them “them”.

The Make-Up

Sometimes, less is more. This also applies when it comes to the make-up that girls wear on their first date. Going for a natural look is the best way to go since this would show the real beauty of the person. This is also safe since it is appropriate anytime of the day and whatever the location is. So how does one achieve that beautiful natural look?

• Apply Concealer and Foundation. Use concealer first before applying the foundation. This would help in creating a flawless look as this is the easiest way to hide imperfections on the skin. Foundation should then be applied especially on the oily parts of the face or the T-zone area.

• Add Color to Eyes and Cheeks. Apply a little eye shadow like lighter shade of browns and pink for those with fair and medium skin and brown colors for women with dark skin tone. Coral and pink are also great for the cheeks. They should not be overdone though or one may end up looking like a clown.

• Use Natural Color Lip Shade. Lipsticks with pinkish color are fantastic, especially if applied with lip gloss. But since some women want a little drama, this can still be done in a subtle way. For instance, a bright red lipstick can be applied, provided that the eye shadow remains light. If she wants the attention on her eyes, darker shade would do but then the lip color should be lighter.

The Hairdo

The overall look will not be complete without the right hairdo. Girls with long beautiful straight hair can wear their hair down and be proud of their crowning glory. But if they are tired of wearing their hair that way, another option is to add some soft romantic curls. A curling iron is all a girl needs in order to get this style. Hair spray can be used to keep those curls longer.

A half do is also a great style. It’s sophisticated, sleek and feminine at the same time. This can be achieved by parting the hair on the side and securing half of the hair in an elastic and letting the other half down.


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