The Benefits of an Immigration Attorney

Being a stranger in a foreign land is already difficult without legal issues complicating the situation. One has to deal with loneliness and alienation while at the same time adjusting to a different culture and environment. Nobody said it was easy, but people still pursue the American Dream because they have hopes and dreams for themselves or for their families. They are dreaming of a better life and a brighter future. Each year, the United States welcomes thousands of immigrants from different corners of the world. Some of them come in to work, others to study, a few to get married; and even fewer want to invest money and set up businesses in the city.

The Need for an Immigration Attorney

People call on the services of an immigration attorney for a host of different reasons. While it is ideal that immigrants come into the country with all of their documents and requirements in order, we all know that is far from the truth. There are thousands of undocumented or illegal aliens living and working in the US who need the services of expert lawyers. These people need representation in order to make their stay in America legal. They may have arrived as long as 10 or 20 years ago and still haven’t had the chance or opportunity to come back to their country of origin because they lack the necessary papers. An immigration attorney can help them apply for citizenship and make their stay in the country legal.

A lot of people may not be aware of the disadvantages of not being a legal citizen or green card holder in America. There are abusive employers who take advantage of a person’s status and offer him below than just wages and even make the person work longer than usual. Of course, he cannot enjoy social security, health insurance, as well as other benefits that a person who is there legally should. What an immigration attorney does is assist the person in securing a legal status in the United States. He then would be able to enjoy better social security, look for better jobs, and so on.

What Sets an Immigration Attorney Apart

There are hundreds of other lawyers who may provide assistance but an immigration attorney offers unique insights as well as deeper understanding of current immigration laws. Their skill, coupled with years of experience, translates to better results for their clients. All their representatives can offer expert legal knowledge as well as thousand of hours in case work – both pro and against the government. This makes them seasoned enough to take on the case of families with members who truly deserve to get visas or green cards in the US. As your representative, a immigration attorney will take your best interest at heart and give you sincere advice on what your chances are. Your attorney will exhaust all possible means to argue in your favor during the immigration proceedings.

Immigration law experts can help you:
• secure employment visas
• give business immigration advice
• assist in family-based immigration issues
• secure extended student visas
• gain American citizenship
• expert deportation defense
• win removal proceedings
• get green cards in the US
• secure a fiancé visa
• win immigration appeals

What an Immigration Attorney Can Do For You

Even when you think that a case is impossible to win, this team of immigration law experts will work to give you the upper hand. Years of experience in the field allow them to anticipate or predict the strategies that government lawyers will use against you. They will find loopholes in the system and make it work to your advantage. Immigration attorneys also have close ties and familiarity with the Department of Homeland Security, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Departments. Familiarity with their regulations as well as policies can also help you win the case.

Not everything has to be about legal battles in terms of immigration law. Sometimes, it’s just a matter or presenting the right set of documents and evidence in order to get fast approval for a citizenship application. Immigration attorneys have also closely studied the process and requirements asked for during these proceedings. You will be able to save a lot of time and money by being able to submit everything that is needed the first time. A well experienced lawyer can also prepare you and your family for the questions that will be asked during the interviews. Documents and a series of interviews are all needed during the process of naturalization, and making a mistake in one or two steps can cost you dearly.

Green Cards and Visas
Immigration attorneys do not just help individuals pursue the American Dream; they also assist companies and employers in helping exceptional employees from overseas get working visas in the US. For employers, they can give expert advise on labor certification, business immigration as well as employment eligibility verification. It is important to know everything there is about employment and other issues that could keep you from getting potential employees into the US. As your attorneys, immigration lawyers will help you apply for a visa or a green card and guide you every step of the way.

Fiance Visas and Student Visas
With the number of people who want to become American citizens, it is but natural for the Immigration department to be wary of scammers and people who send in fraudulent documents. Applying for a fiancé visa used to be very easy, but over the years the government has imposed very strict rules to prevent this privilege from being abused. As a result, an American needs an experienced lawyer in order to facilitate a visa for a fiancé living in another country. Your lawyer should be able to prove that the relationship between the American petitioner and the foreign fiancé is strong through documents and interviews on people close to the couple.
At the same time, an immigration lawyer’s expertise is also needed when securing a student visa. Although a student visa is screened by the university or the foundation giving a scholarship grant, a lawyer’s in depth knowledge on immigration laws can still spell the difference between an approval and a denial in a visa application.

More than anything, immigration lawyers become successful when they tell their clients the truth. Do not go for an attorney who builds false hopes. Instead, seek experts who will truly help build a solid case through facts and relevant documentation.


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