Making Money Online – Is It a Myth?

Content Marketing and Blogging

There was a point in time, not too long ago, when there was widespread doubt that anyone could ever make money through the Internet. To top it off, the Internet bubble burst taking with it some high profile companies like Sun Computers, along with a host of tech and Internet startup. Because of this it took a while before a viable marketing model can take root.

Nowadays, there may be no more doubt in the public’s mind that the Internet has become a big marketplace. A lot of people transact business online but these same Internet users usually have no idea how it all works. They still cling to the idea that the virtual marketplace is the same as the real marketplace. To these people, online sites are just an extension of brick and mortar shops.

Making Money Online – Is It a Myth?

When you come to think about it, making a living online is a hard concept to explain. This is specially true when you have to explain the other tasks needed to promote a website. At the very least, the professionals and the common Internet users are in agreement that the whole concept is larger than it appears.

For online Internet marketers, they have learned that online success comes from constant practice and experimentation, as well as a lot of adjustments and adapting to new and dynamic technologies. As these professionals have found out, Internet marketing is not about survival of the fittest, but more of the survival of those who are able to adapt.

For starters, Internet marketing starts with a website. In order for it to be seen and accessed by users, it has to be shared or it has to come out of Internet searches. It is possible that a static website, one which does not change or does not get updated, can get some visitors every so often, but this is a rare occurrence. For a page to be indexed by search engines, it has to be regularly updated. Further, blog articles have to be shared on social media and social networking sites in order to attract more readers. The concept of sharing does not necessarily lead to higher search results, but it does correlate to more visitors to the site. It is also important to keep the visitors interested, as they go through the contents of the blog and of the website. The more interesting the site is, the more people would be willing to share the articles on the website.

The Need for a Blog

The easiest way to update a site is to have a blog. Blog writing or blogging is not for everyone simply because not everyone likes to write. Additionally, blogging entails a certain level of commitment. The blogger has to have an enduring passion about the topic he writes about. A person may be knowledgeable about a topic, but if he does not want to share his knowledge through his blog, then the blog is doomed from the start.

There are alternatives to writing a blog. For those who are not natural writers or those who hate staring at a blank page while waiting for the article to get written, there are content marketing sites. These sites are a resource for website owners and administrators who want to have original content on their site. The bottom line is that if you have a choice between content marketing and blogging to get your site updated with new materials.

Besides blogs and website content, other ways to promote your site would be with the use of social media and social networking sites. You can post and share articles, pictures, memes, music, podcasts, links, and videos on media sharing sites. Necessarily, you would have to link these materials to a post on your site or your blog. It is also essential to have attribution for non-original materials. That means that either you ask permission to share, or you have a link or information about the original source of the material. Issues of plagiarism can have your posts blocked, deleted or get pulled down. The worst that can happen is that your web hosting administrators would pull down your site.

Engaging Your Audience

Among other things, networking entails interaction with other members of the social networking or social media site. These sites are more than just a forum for people, but have become communities, and in every community it is necessary to participate in discussions without being rude. Interacting with friends and followers also ensures that they would be interested in the things you post. Getting them interested is a short step away from having them share the things you post.

Going back to the idea that website promotion is not a simple thing, the above steps are just a small part of the things needed to be done. Before going out and promoting a website, it has to be prepared and made web crawler friendly. That means that the website has to follow some simple rules as laid down by search engines like Google and Bing. Google has web master resources on their site which aims to help the web developer and administrator to streamline their pages in order that these can be crawled and indexed.

It is important to note at this point that less than 5% of the Internet is indexed. A big part of the web is hidden or invisible from search engine crawlers. These include private and corporate networks, and database driven websites, like e-commerce sites. Aside from those, if you want to have your site indexed you have to make sure that it is crawler and search engine friendly. Among other things, that means that there should be no dead links on your site, that you should use alt-text on images, and there should be a site map. But keeping a website organized is better left to the developers and administrators. Which can help the website owner to tackle the most important part of the site: the content.

In the final analysis, content is king. If a site is not regularly updated, the content gets stale. It only gets to indexed every time it is updated, and with no updates, the index entry gets old very fast. Content should also be unique and interesting. This is to attract users and compels them to keep coming back.


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