How Intermittent Fasting Can Effectively Aid in Weight Loss

Losing weight – this is something that may not be a problem to some people because of their fast metabolism. However, not everyone finds it easy to achieve their ideal weight. And a lot of people can relate to this since obesity is rampant in different countries around the world. Many people are struggling to lose weight and they are willing to try various weight loss options that may work for them. But what are the real benefits of losing weight and what are the effective diet methods that would help achieve this goal?

Who Needs to Lose Weight?

Before going through the benefits of losing weight and the various diet options available, it would be helpful to determine who need to lose weight. As everyone would know, those who are overweight or obese need to shed pounds. Those who are underweight and people with normal weight do not need this.

But how does one determine if he is overweight, underweight or if he has an ideal weight? That’s by checking the BMI or body mass index of the person. The weight and height will be measured to determine if the individual’s weight is healthy for his height. There are free BMI charts and calculators available online that one can use to determine his BMI. These charts are also usually available on clinics, hospitals and health facilities. Once the person determines that he is overweight, it is important that he start working on losing unwanted pounds.

Benefits of Losing Weight

So what are the benefits that one can get from losing weight? The most common reason why people want to lose weight is to improve their physical appearance. In the world today, the society perceives those with slimmer figure as beautiful. And reality speaking, who wouldn’t want to feel beautiful? This improves the person’s confidence, which in turn enhances various aspects of his life. He would be more comfortable mingling with others and he would not be afraid to try various opportunities that come his way, especially when it comes to his career. That boost in confidence can really do a lot. While not all overweight individuals are not confident about themselves; majority of them are.

Aside from the change in physical appearance and enhanced confidence, the most important benefit of losing weight is having a good health and longer life. Overweight or obese people have higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain, diabetes, stroke and even cancer. Some of these diseases can even lead to death.

Weight Loss Options

Overweight people who would like to start cutting down those unwanted pounds have different weight loss options to choose from. Many of them promise quick result, though they do not usually keep up. Furthermore, there are diet methods that can help a person lose weight but they are difficult to stick to, which makes it a challenge to maintain the progress. Here are some of the weight loss options including their pros and cons.

1. Diet Pills. There are different brands of diet pills that can be easily purchased on a drug or health store, as well as online. However, not all of these pills are safe. Those who are considering of trying this solution want to make sure that they are getting those that are approved by the FDA. These pills usually block fats, as well as suppress hunger, preventing the person from overeating and gaining more weight. However, since these pills are still drugs, they have various side effects including intestinal discomfort, oily stool, nervousness and increased heart rate.

2. Weight Loss Surgery. This is not for everyone as the candidate for surgery needs to meet a specific weight and his health should be good enough to carry on with the procedure. While this has a high success rate, there are also risks involved in the operation including infection. Recovery after the surgery may also take time, which means that the person may not be able to do his regular routines. Plus, this procedure is often expensive.

3. Meal Replacements. Meal replacements also became a hit to dieters in the past years with many celebrities trying them. Meal replacements are readily packed foods that are ordered online. They are often ready to eat or may require heating in the oven or cooling in the fridge. These meals are carefully prepared so that they can give the nutrients needed by the body without adding stored fats. While meal replacements are convenient and effective, they do not come cheap.

4. Rigorous Workout. Other people enroll in the gym and hire their own trainer to help them achieve their weight goal. Intensive, regular workouts may trim the body but this requires hard work, time and dedication. This may not be ideal for those who have hectic schedules.

Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is another weight loss option that is growing in popularity. So what is this weight loss method and how does it differ from the usual fasting? When people hear the word fasting, the first thing that often comes to mind is food abstinence. This is actually correct. But this does not mean that the person would consume anything at all as water need to be taken in order to stay hydrated.

However, unlike the usual fasting in which the person would not eat any food at all while on his diet period, intermittent fasting would still let the individual eat on certain period. The period of fasting and eating would be alternately done and there are different methods on how to do this, which will be discussed on the next part. With the right foods and exercise, this would aid in weight loss as stored fats are used as energy during the fasting period. The body will also get used to not eating frequently, which can prevent overeating.

Intermittent Fasting Options

What is your intermittent weight loss plan? Depending on the person’s routine and preference, intermittent fasting can be done in different ways. The best option is whatever method would be convenient for the individual and something that he could continuously do.

1. Every Other Day. The person would fast for 24 hours or one day then eat his regular meals on the next day. Regular means three times a day but this doesn’t mean that he can overeat on those meals. Losing weight means burning more calories than calories taken so it is still important to watch out on the food he eats. Nutritious and filling foods and plenty of water must be consumed.

2. One Meal a Day. Those who find it difficult not to eat anything within a day may choose to eat one full meal, which can be taken anytime of the day. To make the transition less difficult, the person may start cutting one meal and taking two, then gradually cutting another meal until he is used to eating one meal a day.

3. Eating Window. One may also choose to set an eating window for the day. This is a 4 to 6 hours period in which the person may consume foods. But then again, this doesn’t mean that he could eat continuously within those hours. Moderation is still the key for successfully losing weight.


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