Evening Gown Trends for 2014 Pageantry

As they always say in pageants, it is not about the beauty of the gown that you wear, but how you carry it with elegance and class. Yes, this might be a true statement, but no matter how good you are as a pageant performer if you are not wearing an appropriate gown or something that is high fashion, it could totally hurt your chances of winning.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of winning gowns and how meticulously they were done. We have also seen winners whose scores were drastically raised simply because they have worn a statement piece. Let’s take for instance Riyo Mori who won Ms. Universe 2007. Who would ever forget her long-sleeved gown that made her float like a fierce angel on stage? Olivia Culpo, Ms. Universe 2012, also took the risk and wore a velvet top half with a ball gown cut coupled with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. In short, what you wear during the evening gown segment will definitely make or break you. In 2014, major and minor pageants are once again underway. If you plan to take part in any of these competitions, you need to make sure that you have the best evening gown to showcase. Here are some trendy fashion choices for you.

• Ball gowns. It seems like after Olivia Culpo’s victory in Ms. Universe and Ivian Sarcos in Ms. World, this has become a trend in beauty pageants. The only reason why it was not that popular before is because this type of gown is sort of difficult to walk with. However, if you choose the right color and design and you manage to present the gown like a princess, you will surely impress the judges.

• Skin tone gowns with elegant details. These gowns have become trendy since they were used by majority of the contestants in Ms. Venezuela, one of the biggest national pageants in the world. The good thing about skin tone gowns is that they can create an illusion of sexiness and at the same time any type of detail works well with it. Whether you will go for hand painted artistic designs or glittering details, they will all look amazing with this type of gown.

• Gowns with exaggerated details. This is what sets pageant gowns apart from the usual gowns. It is all about details. You can choose a gown with a huge ribbon near the shoulder or at the back. You can also put a huge belt with crystal details. Just make sure that these details won’t overshadow you and still make the evening gown segment all about you that about the gown.

• Long- sleeved plain gown with high slit. This seems very 90’s type of pageant gown, but has recently become a trend. Stacie Juris, Ms. USA 2013 2nd runner up is among those who succeeded in showcasing her pageant prowess with the help of this gown. The good thing about this gown is that it is not in any way overwhelming the wearer. There is nothing much in the details. The focus is just on the beauty of the contestant and her ability to glide with it.

• National costume gowns. This does not seem applicable to all, but some countries with a very beautiful national costume have started to tweak their costume to make it more appropriate for the evening gown portion. As a result, a stunning and unique evening gown is seen. The Top Model competition of Ms. World 2013 showcased some of the best Indonesian national costumes that can also be worn as evening gowns. Representatives from other countries like Philippines, China and Vietnam have also joined in this trend.

• Flowing dresses. Though it has been quite some time since this gown became a trend, but this is the one that has never faded since then. The good thing about these gowns is that they really look great on stage. Anyone who wears this will look like a Greek goddess especially when the wind starts to blow the gown. The only problem is that it is quite difficult to walk with this gown especially if there are layers of fabric underneath.

These are only a few of the best choices for evening gowns to wear for 2014 pageantry. Just remember to find one that fits you well and will highlight your beauty and figure. Choose the right color and cut. Most of all, don’t forget to practice walking with the gown so you will be able to carry it perfectly on stage.


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