Breastfeeding Diet Plan

A lot of nursing mothers are confused on what their post- pregnancy diet should be. Will they still follow the diet plan they have during pregnancy, or is it different now that they are breastfeeding? The truth is that there is really no concrete diet for breastfeeding plan that will work for all nursing moms. There are a lot of factors that could affect the diet plan including the mother’s weight, size of the baby, breast milk intake and many others. There are some tips though that could be followed by nursing mothers to produce enough breast milk for their baby and keep their body healthy.

Follow a Regular Diet

This means that you need to eat what you usually eat when you were pregnant. Do not experiment on diet techniques in which you are not that sure of. It might just place you and your baby at risk. As long as you maintain a 500 calorie more than your pregnancy requirement intake, you are good to go. The extra calorie is necessary for you to be able to produce the amount of breast milk that your baby would need.

Eat Healthy Food

It goes without saying that whatever you eat will also affect your baby. This is why you need to eat healthy dishes only. Avoid eating fatty food or junk food just because the baby is already outside of your body. Take note that the quality of the breast milk you produce will still affect their growth and development. If possible, don’t drink alcoholic drinks, smoke cigarettes, or eat fish with high level of mercury content.

Don’t Rely on Calorie Count

Some mothers think that they should really be conscious with the amount of calorie intake. Though it is important, it is not just about numbers at the end of the day. Yes, you need to be aware of what you eat, but the best way to deal with the issue is to eat whenever you are hungry. Your body has the “magical” ability to replenish whatever it is that you lack in order to produce quality breast milk. However, this does not mean that you have to rely on such ability and abuse your body. Just eat the right amount of food, eat on time, and carefully select what you eat.

Maintain a Stable Weight with Gradual Weight Reduction

This is where most mothers are wrong. They think that since they have already given birth, they no longer have an excuse for being fat. This is why they try everything to reduce their weight at the fastest time possible. Some others take the risk by going on fasting techniques that will help them achieve their desired weight in 2 months. Though there is nothing wrong with aiming for a sexier body right after giving birth, it does not necessarily mean that you have to hurry things up. Take note that you are also breast feeding and fasting does not help the process. The best solution is to maintain your weight for a few months, follow a stable diet for breastfeeding plan, and gradually reduce your weight once your baby starts to slow down breastfeeding. Give yourself a year or two to lose weight. Most of all, don’t pressure yourself to look sexy again since you have all the right to be fat while you are a nursing mom as long as you remain healthy.

Suggested Diet for Breastfeeding

There are some foods that are highly recommended for nursing mothers. These foods are high in calorie and will also help in increasing the volume of milk being produced. It includes chocolates, spices, citrus fruit, garlic, chili and green leafy vegetables. You also need to drink plenty of water and a glass of milk in the morning and before going to feed.

You and Your Baby

Though there are a lot of tips that you need to follow since you are a nursing mom, you need to exert more efforts knowing for a fact that whatever you do will surely affect your baby. As a mother, you have to realize that the future of your baby depends on you. You need to be more concerned of your health now more than ever. Also, you need to regularly visit your physician to check your health. You might be very concerned with the proper development of your baby that you sometimes forget to check yours as well.
It takes a lot to be a mother, but it takes even more to be a great one.



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