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What is Density?

What is density? It is a physical property of matter that relates to the ratio of an object’s mass to its volume. It is said that the more mass an object has, the denser it is. Compare two objects of the same size with different masses. The object with more compact molecules is denser than the one with more loose molecules in its makeup.

The concept of density was first used by Archimedes, the Greek mathematician in 250 BC. He was commissioned by the king to determine if the craftsman is duping him by replacing the gold in his crown with silver. His discovery was spurned when he got in a tub to bathe and the water spilled over the tub. He thought that the volume of his body equaled to the amount of water that spilled over the tub. The principle regarding the crown is that silver occupies more space than gold, so when he dipped the two crowns in two tubs, the one with the silver component spilled more water. This proved the suspicion of the king that the craftsman was really duping him. The question “what is density?” was answered by Archimedes’ discovery. Since then density has been adopted by people all over the world.

What is density? The concept is used in everyday life. You encounter situations when you have to determine the density of each object that you have. For example, a Styrofoam cup and a ceramic cup with the same size are placed side by side. Which one do you think is denser? The ceramic cup is denser because its components are more closely packed than that of the Styrofoam cup.

When someone asks you what is density, the best answer that you can give is that it is the relationship between the mass and volume of a certain object. Once you understand the concept of density, it is easier to apply it in everyday situations. When anyone asks you the question, you will have a ready answer and you can explain to him its meaning and concept. You do not need to be a genius to know what density really is.


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