What Do Colors Mean

Everywhere you look, color is everywhere. It is on your clothes, in your surroundings, on your skin, etc. Without colors, the world will be a black-and-white movie. The world will be boring without any splash of color. What do colors mean? In different countries, religions, cultures and traditions, different colors mean different things. Sometimes a single color has entirely different meanings depending on who is asking. Emotions and moods are also represented by colors. There are many colors in the colorwheel and each of them connotes different interpretations.

What do colors mean regarding emotions? Black is the color of mourning. When someone in the family just passed away, the collective color of the whole family is black, which indicates sadness of the family member’s passing. It is also the color of evil intentions. White is the color of serenity and peacefulness. When one is in a white room, calm and quiet immediately engulfs a person. Red is the color of fierce emotions: anger, excitement and happiness. Pink is the color of love and romance. There are many other different colors that connote different emotions. Sometimes they depend on who is feeling the emotion.

Colors symbolize a lot of things, and they differ in every country. For example, for the Romans, red symbolizes battle and war, while in India it is the color of a soldier. There really are no wrong interpretations of what colors mean. In every place that you go to, the people have their own symbolisms and representations of different colors that may not be the same as the representations that you know in your region. You only have to be open-minded and embrace the place’s color symbolisms and you can even try to incorporate them in your daily life.

What do colors mean for you? Do you have your own interpretations of colors when it comes to your personal life? Does the color blue signify your loneliness rather than black? Whatever color you want to symbolize your emotions and life with, no one can tell you that you are wrong. Everyone has his own interpretations of all things, not just about colors.


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