Trippy Backgrounds for Desktop

The installed operating system on your desktop includes several themes and backgrounds that you can use to make your desktop more attractive and alive, rather than just using a plain colored background. You can also make your own desktop background when you have images and pictures that you want to see often. However, staring at the same desktop background can be quite boring, particularly when you are feeling lazy. One of the things to add zap to your computer monitor is to download and install trippy backgrounds for desktop. These are beautiful works of art in vibrant and bold colors that may be used to rest your tired eyes, to challenge your mind or to simply take you to a short fantastic trip to fantasy land.

Not all trippy backgrounds for desktop are abstract works of art using psychedelic colors that are predominant in the 60s. Some of these are beautiful photographs that have been distorted or turned into 3D images. Some are taken from nature, like weather disturbances, weird-looking insects photographed using macro lenses or aerial views of fantastic landscapes.

You can take a look at several trippy backgrounds for desktop by doing an online search. There are numerous sites that will allow you to download a variety of trippy backgrounds for free. Choose your computer resolution and download the backgrounds of your choice. You can then install one and change your desktop background as frequent as you wish. For a good trip you can select several images and animate them so that the background will automatically change while you stare at your computer monitor. Do be aware that animated graphics use more memory than static ones.

Fractals, unusual flowers and anomalies in nature are also good subjects for trippy backgrounds for desktop. Although almost everything can be found online, nothing beats having some images that you have done or created yourself. Bring a camera with you and go exploring and take pictures of animals, insects, landscape and other things of interest that you can use to make composites and original artworks that you can enjoy or share with some friends. Use your imagination to turn simple photographs into a new graphic art with some manipulation and you will have a great time creating new desktop backgrounds, which can be a trip in itself.


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