Trike Conversions

Trikes or motorcycles with three wheels have gained popularity over the years, thanks to trike conversions. If you have a motorcycle and you want to spice up your ride a bit, you can have it converted into a trike. It does not only look good on the road, but gives you more room for your passenger and to hold your things as well. Having a trike allows you to carry more things, one thing that you cannot do in a conventional motorcycle.

There are different trike conversion kits for almost all brands and makes of motorcycles, like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, etc. Motorcycle service and supply centers carry trike conversion kits and they convert motorcycles at the same time. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you know how to convert motorcycles, you can do the job yourself and take pride in your creation.

Although trike conversions can be a bit pricey (starting at about $5000), they are still a lot cheaper than buying a brand new trike or car. Converting a motorcycle allows the passenger seat to have a wider backrest, or the back can be occupied solely by the tires. A compartment can also be mounted at the back of the trike for more storage. You can go on a roadtrip and you can store your things in the compartment without having to carry a backpack on your back. The good thing about converting a motorcycle is that you can have your say on what your converted trike should look like. Choose a conversion kit for your motorcycle with the design and look that you want. Having it painted with your chosen design and color gives your trike a unique and personalized look.

A trike will make you feel like the king of the road, as not that many trikes occupy the roads. Custom trikes sell more because motorcycle owners want their rides to reflect their personalities and tastes. Trike conversions are perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to show off on the road. Readily available conversion kits make it easier to turn motorcycles into trikes. If you want your own custom trike, try going online first to look for designs and looks that you like and then try to incorporate them into your own trike’s overall look.


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