Seattle 10-day Forecast

An extended weather forecast is an essential piece of information that assists people, businesses, transport systems and anyone who is living on this planet. Seattle is a major seaport located in continental United States, lying between Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Seattle is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and as such lies in a major earthquake zone. This location brings mild, dry summers and wet, relatively mild winters to Seattle. However, Seattle is also known for frequent rain, which occurs for about one hundred and fifty days in a year, and the city can have cloudy skies for almost two hundred days on the average, annually. So for those conducting business or traveling to Seattle, it will be a very good idea to check out at least a Seattle 10-day forecast to make sure that your stay in the city will be pleasant and comfortable.

One of the easiest ways to get a Seattle 10-day forecast is to check the website of This is a free online tool that will give you not only hourly to monthly weather forecasts online, you can also use your smartphone to connect to the site and check the weather in any city in the US. You can also register and receive SMS and email alerts, which are critical for those conducting business and making frequent trips to Seattle.

CCN Weather is another website that you can access to get weather reports. If you are going to Seattle for an extended stay and you want to know the weather condition there, type the name of the city in the search bar and you will see the current weather forecast, the weather conditions for the following day, and extended forecast as well as satellite and radar images.

MSN has a local edition where you can also check weather conditions in different cities in the United States. Type Seattle in the search bar and get details for a 10-day forecast, including conditions for day and night times, wind conditions, air quality and the chances of precipitation.

Whatever website you choose to check the Seattle 10-day forecast, it will be very beneficial to you when you get advanced information that will make you more prepared for what will greet you when you reach Seattle.


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