Punjabi Translator

Punjabi is a native Indo-Aryan language spoken by the people in the Punjab region in the India-Pakistan border. It is also the most spoken language in Pakistan. There are a lot of Indian and Pakistani immigrants in the United States and their primary language is still Punjabi, and communication is hard among other people who do not know the language. Punjabi Translator is a great tool to translate the Punjabi language to English and vice versa.

Punjabi is divided into different dialects spread all over the Punjab region. These are the Majhi, Pothowari, Jhangochi, Shapuri, Hindko, Malwi, Doabi, Pwadhi, Dogri, Saraki and Dhani dialects. They are categorized into three tones: high, mid and low. The best Punjabi Translator would be a native in the Punjab area who knows the English language. As the Punjabi language consists of many other dialects, it is important to learn of the tones and the differences in pronunciation in each. A local will be able to translate the language effectively.

When traveling to Pakistan or India where the language is mostly Punjabi, a Punjabi translator can be hired to translate your transactions to locals and can give you a tour of the region at the same time. For Pakistanis and Indians who travel abroad, finding a Punjabi translator is like finding a needle in a haystack. Good thing there are websites that translate the language to English and the other way around.  Students benefit mostly in online language translations, as they only have to go online.

Free translations and translation classes are offered to those who want to learn the language. A certified Punjabi translator tutors a student about the basics of the Punjabi language and its corresponding English translations. The Internet is the best place to look for a Punjabi translator.  There are sites that do not only translate the Punjabi language to English, but to 50 other languages as well. Wherever you are, whether you are an Indian or Pakistani who wants to learn other languages other than Punjabi, or an American who wants to learn the Punjabi language, translation is no longer difficult as it is readily accessible to everyone.


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