Postal Address Change

Moving out of your current place to a new area means a postal address change. It is never easy to move to a new place because then you have to notify the companies who send you notices and billing statements of your new address. But with the advances in technology and communication, a postal address change is a lot easier. There are two ways that you can change your postal address: online or by submitting a filled out form to your local post office. If you are moving in a few days, it’s time for you to take care of your change of address so that everyone is updated (yes, including your credit card company).

The US Postal Service has employed a system where you can go online and change your postal address. The US Postal Service charges $1 to forward your mails to your new address for a year. The charge is payable with a valid credit card. Another way to change your postal address is to go to the nearest post office in your area and pick up a postal address change form and fill it out. Take it back to the post office and from then your mails will be delivered to your new address.

Even with the emergence of emails, conventional mail is still widely used. Billions of dollars are spent by the US government each year for forwarding mails and returning them to senders who fail to be notified of the receivers’ new addresses. Millions of Americans move into different places each year. With the ease of postal address change, there is no more reason not to update your new mailing address. It will only take a few minutes, a few hours at best to complete your postal address change.

Credit card companies are not the only ones that must be notified of a postal address change. Government agencies such as the IRS, Social Security Administration, DMV, etc. must likewise be informed of your new address. Mail them a letter notifying them of your new mailing address. To make sure that your mails get to you, take care of your postal address change as soon as you move, or even before, to ensure that no mail gets back to sender and everything is delivered right at your doorstep.


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