New Mercurial Vapors 2010

It’s not just any soccer shoe. It’s made by footwear giant Nike and endorsed by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The new mercurial vapors 2010 also known as the mercurial vapor superfly II made its grand global launch in London, the United Kingdom in February 24, 2010. It is a remarkably engineered soccer shoe that is touted to be the lightest soccer shoe in the market. Its other features include a traction system that was designed to provide the soccer athlete amazing acceleration; burst of color for immediate visibility on the soccer field; improved fit enabling the athlete to move with ease at varying speeds; studs that can extend for up to 3mm and retract automatically depending on ground and pressure variances; and strategically-positioned blades on the soles of the shoe that helps the soccer athlete rapidly change his direction with almost zero effort.

Nike, the makers of the new mercurial vapors 2010, is very proud of this latest piece of workmanship and design calling it a perfect merging of digital and physical technologies. The design of the shoe came from long years of in-depth study, interview, observation, and research by the company’s design and engineering team. These teams went on to speak with world soccer champions about their ideal shoe and they found out that super athletes prefer a shoe that provides speed and power. The aesthetic part of the shoe design was also a result of a desire to wear a shoe befitting superstar status. Aside from personal interviews with world-renowned soccer athletes, Nike’s engineers and designers also watched reels of footage from past world championships and took note of the number of spills that an athlete took on the soccer field. The average number of spills was 14 per player. The last step was a collaborative effort on the final design of the shoe. This time Cristiano Ronaldo and Alexander Pate were often consulted to contribute their own ideas to the endeavor.

The result of all these hard work is this superstar shoe called the new mercurial vapors 2010. The shoe you can’t do without when you’re out busting soccer moves on the field!


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