My Life as Liz Music

My Life as Liz is a popular television show on the youth oriented channel MTV. It revolves around the world and life of Liz Lee, a high school geek from Burleson, Texas trying to get by the perils and pains of high school. The show first aired on network television in January 2010 and has since then created a buzz among social circles. It continues to air with a prominent and expanding fan base mostly of music lovers due to the fact that MTV has linked My Life as Liz music as a ratings booster for the show.

My Life as Liz music is alternative in genre but other forms experimental, pop, punk and upbeat music are featured on many shows. The show’s episodes feature an interesting blend of melodies, symphonies and other musical arrangements from a variety of alternative bands and artists. The musical roster is usually made up of bands or upcoming artists with preference to independent music labels as Liz Lee; the television show’s protagonist is inspired by such music as Liz herself is a fan of independent and underrated music rather than more known mainstream favorites.

The reason for My Life as Liz music being so popular would have to be its ironic timing and presence during some of the show’s most unforgettable or dramatic scenes and episodes. Fans consider My Life as Liz music heartfelt, touching and honest. Those in charge of selecting music for the show base their selections on the content of the episodes and the conversations of the characters to bring out and capture the intensity of the moment, which makes an impression on fans alike.

The amount of interest in the My Life as Liz music has pushed the network to create a special music page in its website for fans to search through the show’s music archive to find a particular song. Additionally, many independent bands and artists have admitted a boost in their own fan clubs and listening audience due to their songs coming out on the hit reality television series. To find out more about My Life as Liz music, feel free to head on to MTV’s official My Life as Liz page to see the playlists from different episodes and seasons.


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