Hello in German

Are you planning to visit Germany? Well, if you nodded to that question, you are certainly at the right place! Visiting any country means needing to learn particular phrases and important words in that country’s language. Learning a little German, in this case, will help you communicate better with the people there. While Germany has its own share of English speakers, one way to make a good impression on its nationals is to try to speak like them. You do not have to go through the motions of learning the whole language but brushing up on some important keywords in greetings will help you go a long way. For instance, learning how to say hello in German will not do you any harm. Learn how to say hello in German by reading this very short article!

First of all, learning a simple greeting in another language is more fun that it is challenging. Learning how to greet in another language makes you in a sense more cultured and global. Learning how to speak in another language, however, gives you an edge. Nevertheless, before you can say hello in German, you will need two things: time and yourself. Give yourself about three to five minutes to perfect saying hello in German with the accent and all.

In learning how to say hello in German, you will need to master both the formal and informal way of saying hello. Most languages have formal and informal usages depending on context and whom you are speaking to or with. If you are speaking with someone your age, friends or children, you can opt to go with the informal way of saying hello in German, which is “Hallo, Wie geht’s?” If you are speaking to a higher up, an older or respectable individual or even people you do not really know, you can use Hallo, “Guten Morgen” or even “Hallo, Guten Tag”. Again, context determines the usage of terms so you might want to make sure you get it right so you do not come across as offensive or disrespectful.

Remember to take your time practicing how to say hello in German and if you know German nationals who can show you how, definitely take advantage of that. If not, there are certainly websites online that can show you how to say hello the proper way. Now that you have mastered saying hello in German, try finding out to say goodbye!


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