Hair Growth Home Remedy

If your genes have not been kind to you in the hair department then you can thank science for coming up with different solutions. Dealing with premature baldness is now easier with the introduction of hair growth home remedy. There’s actually more than one remedy that you can rely on to coax your hair to grow back on your bald patches. You can try out one or all of these suggestions.

Switch to the shampoo and conditioner tandem used for horses. People rave about the Mane N’ Tail hair care line for horse grooming. When used on human hair, this product supposedly encourages thicker hair growth in as fast as two weeks of use.

Buy over-the-counter topical solutions that you can apply at home. Three of the most popular hair restoration products that you can buy over the counter are Rogaine, Nissim, and Provillus. Results are guaranteed after three to six months of continuous use. All three products have passed clinical trials and are FDA approved.

Liberally use the juice of the Aloe Vera plant on your scalp. The thick juice of the Aloe Vera plant has protein enzymes that penetrate deep into the scalp to encourage not only hair growth but also makes the hair grow thick and shiny. Buy a pot of Aloe Vera plant and continue to grow the plant at home. Break a stem from the plant, squeeze the thick juice out and apply it on your scalp. Wear a shower cap and leave it in your hair for an hour. Shampoo and condition your hair afterward. For best results, do this treatment three times a week. If you can’t find the plant, use Aloe Vera ointment/gel instead.

Another hair growth home remedy is taking hair vitamins containing 500mg of Biotin. Biotin promotes hair growth and many swear that even their eyelashes have grown thicker as a result of their daily intake of this vitamin pill.

After growing your hair back, you need to ensure that you hair stays thick and lustrous by avoiding too much stress, massaging your scalp to encourage blood flow, and rinsing with cold water instead of hot water. Hot water is tough on your hair and really encourages hair loss faster.

Find out which hair growth home remedy works best for you and stick to it for life!


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  1. Oh these are great, I am def going to try aloe, Biotin never worked for me! I also have a history of bad dye jobs, and I have finally outgrown my hair. I have a post coming up about it tomorrow!

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