Disc Assessment

Disc assessment is study of personality traits. It was an American psychologist, William Moulton Marston, who first drafted the parameters of this study. Disc is an acronym Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious. Each word in Disc focus on a person’s most active characteristics though not necessarily latent ones thus the need for this type of assessment.


“Dominant” people are those who are labeled as aggressive, go-getter, fearless, ruthless, direct, constantly in action, and demanding. They also focus more on getting the task done right away without thinking its consequences on others. To them, it’s all about telling people what to do asking people how it’s going to be done.


“Influential” types of people are those who display an inspiring vibe of leadership. Furthermore, people who are classified as “Influential” have marvelous people skills, skills that when employed on others can be strong force in swaying opinions and decisions. Aside from people skills, “Influential” people always seem to have great reserves of energy for different tasks. For “Influential” people, what counts more are opinions and thoughts rather than getting tasks done.


“Steady” people are stable and likable. They are close with a select group of friends. People who are “Steady” are also friendly, good listeners, and compassionate. They never hesitate to help those who seek their help. They will never steal the spotlight and would rather remain in the background unless called upon to speak up. “Steady” people are inherently shy.


“Conscientious” people need to get everything right the first time all the time although not necessarily completing everything on record time. This is because they are stickler for details and can be painfully critical or their own work. For this type if it’s not perfect, it won’t see the light of day. “Conscientious” people have a very small circle of friends. They are fiercely protective of their reputation and personal life. When you meet a “Conscientious” person, you will be taken aback by his indifference and cold nature.

What is the relevance of the Disc Assessment?

This is relevant for organizations, institutions, and corporations because of the dynamics that are necessary for people to work together harmoniously despite personality differences. It is a way to find the means necessary to reconcile different personality traits away from their own respective comfort zones.


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