Cross Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoos have become widely popular among men and women today as society becomes more lenient in seeing well-known personalities and celebrities having parts of their body decorated.  Tattoo is a traditional art form, practiced by many tribes around the world. There are still certain tribes today, like the Maori of New Zealand with facial tattoos. The purpose of having a tattoo has already evolved. In ancient times it was a symbol of rites of passage, decoration for bravery, spiritual and religious devotion or punishment. It was also used to mark people as slaves, criminals or outcasts. Today, tattoos have become decorative and cosmetic, with some religious, sentimental and magical reasons thrown in. There are many standard tattoo designs that hold special meanings. Among the most popular are the cross tattoo designs for men. There are many variations to a simple cross, which can be seen in different sizes and shapes, tattooed as a single item or part of a larger design. Below are some of the more popular cross designs.

A tribal cross tattoo is more decorative and spiritual rather than a religious symbol. The cross is combined with other decorations, such as swirls and flourishes, eagle wings and leaves. The cross is often large and highly decorated, with bold outlines and intricate inner patterns, making the cross stand out. Men prefer to have it tattooed on their chest, their upper arms, their napes or spanning their shoulder blades, with the cross centered on the spinal column.

A Gothic cross is simpler in design, basically patterned after the classic German style used in ironworks prevalent during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  A Gothic cross actually symbolizes pain and darkness but it has become quite unique today with the addition of other colors, chains, initials, skulls, flowers and vines.  The Gothic cross is one of the more basic cross tattoo designs for men that is angular, solid and bold but can be made softer and more elegant with the addition of softer elements.

A Celtic cross has a circle around its center with the four arms of the cross formed by loops symbolizing earth, fire, air and water. The circle symbolizes endless love of God and eternity. The size and design of the cross tattoo is variable when choosing a Celtic cross. It is usually done using green and gold colors as well as black with a lot of intricate detailing. A Celtic cross looks quite good when placed on the upper arm.

While there is no rule on where to place a cross tattoo, most cross tattoo designs for men are made on the chest, upper or lower arm, on the wrist, on the nape, shoulder or the back. The size will depend on the wearer’s preference.


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