APA Textbook Citation

There are rules and conventions that have been established by the APA or the American Psychological Association as a formatting guide when citing references for research papers, for in-text citation and when making the reference list. When making a research paper, the author will be using a lot of reference materials that will be culled from different sources such as books, encyclopedias, articles in magazines and newspapers, from the web and other electronic media. Citing each type of source referenced in the content of the research paper and the reference list follows a particular format. Below are some of the conventions used for an APA textbook citation.

The APA requires that a reference list should be made and attached to the end of the research paper, listing the sources that had been actually used and cited in the document in alphabetical order following a formatting style as follows:

•    The first line should be flush left with the second and the other lines using a hanging indent of five spaces.
•    The author’s last name comes first, followed by a comma and the initials of the first and middle names of the author.
•    Use single spaces to separate elements
•    Arrange citations alphabetically, following the authors’ last names. This should also be followed if there are several works by the same author. Go by the title when making an alphabetical list of works by unknown authors.
•    Capitalize only the first letter of the first word of book and article titles, except proper nouns. If there are subtitles, capitalize the first word.

The APA textbook citation also rules that book titles should be italicized. Include the city and state where the publisher is located and use US postal code abbreviation for the states. The state and/or country can be omitted if the book was published in a major city or published by a university press that also includes the state in its name. The rule also states that only the first location be used when there are several publication locations listed.

If there is no author, italicize the title of the article followed by the date of publication enclosed in parentheses, the place of publication and the name of the publisher. A period separates each entry, except the place of publication and the name of the publisher, which is separated by a colon.

If the source is online, the APA textbook citation follows this pattern:

Acme, B. C. (Year). Article Title. In Title of Book. Publisher Location: Name of Publisher. Date retrieved (month, day, year, from URL or source.

These are just some of the conventions that should be observed when doing an APA textbook citation for your research paper.


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