Simple Dinner Recipes

Instead of eating out at night or doing take outs, why not try making dinner for the whole family. Eating out, especially indulging in typical fast food fare is not good for your health. Plus, your wallet will feel the pinch from the nightly spending. You can make simple dinner recipes that you can make ahead.

Cooked food, when frozen can last for a long time. During weekends, cook meals intended for dinner the following week and freeze them in serving size containers. Thaw, reheat and eat! It’s as simple as that. Or cook something basic and make meals out of it. Below are two ingredients you can use: ground beef and tomato sauce.

Ground beef

Simple dinner recipes can be made from inexpensive ground beef. This ingredient is very versatile and easy to prepare.

Sauté a big batch of ground beef in olive oil, chopped onions and garlic. Season this with salt, freshly ground pepper, dried oregano and other herbs of choice. This becomes your base for different meals. Freeze in batches and thaw hours before cooking.

For dinner meals, add the sautéed ground beef to heated tomato based pasta sauce. Use this on top of cooked pasta or even cooked rice. Or use the cooked ground beef as taco filling. You can find taco shells and taco sauce in groceries. Top with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and hot sauce. Another idea is to sauté the cooked ground beef together with frozen corn, carrots and peas. Add more seasoning for additional flavor and enjoy!

Tomato sauce

Another versatile ingredient is tomato sauce. It can be frozen and added to a host of ingredients to make simple dinner recipes. Make several batches of your favorite tomato sauce one weekend and apportion them in meal size containers for freezing.

Use this as a base for a pasta sauce. Add cooked diced chicken or beef to the sauce and serve on top of your favorite pasta. You can also add sautéed summer vegetables for a vegetarian pasta dish. Turn it into Chili by adding sautéed beef, canned kidney beans and Chili con carne seasoning.

There are many simple dinner recipes in cookbooks, magazines, on television and the Internet. Using tomato sauce or sautéed ground beef as your base can open a world of different dinner options for the whole family.


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