Royal Tru Orange–stirs memories of old

My kids thought that it was high time for me to learn to cook. I know how to cook, I told them, but I just did not have the desire to cook. They agreed–they always crave for what they call “the best lasagna” that I prepared for them every now and then. They also like my chocolate crinkles, tuna pesto and carbonara. Each time I came up with my concoction, they would nod in unison–what I prepared was way above their standard of good food.

But that happens only once or twice a year, simply because my mom is the queen of the kitchen. She was away during the weekend to visit her sisters in her town–and that was an opportunity to try something new. I planned to cook sotanghon, it was almost lunch time, but I was still procrastinating. The maid offered to cook–it was her chance, and I was relieved. The noodles looked good, rich in vegetables and chicken, but…tasteless.

“Ate, paki repair naman po”. And I did–added fish sauce, pepper and sesame oil. After mixing, experimenting and tasting, the sotanghon was ready to go, ready to be served.

“Buy Coke”, I asked the maid. But she reminded me about my resolve to ban Coke from the house. Maids can be all knowing at times. “Well, buy Royal Tru Orange instead”, I said, and and she did.

Ahhhh, Royal Tru Orange! Stirs memories of old…stirs memories of my youth. Royal Tru Orange was the magic drink that my grandmother used to offer me when I was a little child–when I was sick. They were my comfort drink. Add a bowl of arroz caldo.  Way back then, drinking a bottle of Royal Tru Orange made me feel pampered and special, with a little bit more of love. Rich, too, no kidding.

The kids were so amazed with my story, my walk through memory lane. They enjoyed my sotanghon and Royal Tru Orange, which I tell you, was a hit.

How about you? What was the comfort food of your youth?

By the way this is NOT a sponsored post, LOL.

This post also appeared in The D Spot.

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