The effects of Coke on the body (the effects of Coke on me)

A lot has been said on the negative effects of Coke (I mean Coca Cola, not the other coke) to the human body, like dissolving teeth and bones. It may also be the cause of obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, osteoporosis, nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, and many neurological disorders.

And how it can be used to remove rust, clean toilets, remove grease from clothes, how it does not have any nutritional value, just high sugar, high acidity, a lot of preservatives and color, and many more damaging things.

But I was addicted to Coke.

In college—each meal always had to have a Coke to go along with it.

At work—it was ice cold Coke, nothing less. In the office where I used to work (we were a spoiled lot back there), each wing of a floor had a waiter who would bring snacks in the morning and afternoon. He had to reserve a can of ice cold Coke for me, or else, he had to run back to the cafeteria to get me one.

In the hospital after each delivery—Coke, please, despite the pleadings of my family that it was not the right time to drink Coke.

In traveling–I did not drink water. It was all Coke Coke Coke. Fifteen years ago, when my office mates traveled, they carried bottled water in their suitcase. I carried bottles of Coke, in later years, cans and cans of Coke as I thought that bottled water in the countries I visited was not reliable. Bottled water was for brushing my teeth and washing my face. With the regular places we went to, our hosts would always have a bottle of ice cold Coke ready for me—while everyone drank tea or coffee, I had Coke.

It was just that Coke always gave me a high. There was something in Coke that had a special effect on me—the sugar perhaps, which upped my energy and enthusiasm.

Until slowly, I woke up to the grim reality that Coke and being overweight were not good for my health and well-being. Slowly, I had to give up Coke. It was difficult, but with sheer determination, I was able to overcome my addiction to Coke—until such time that the mere sight of an opened bottle of Coke on my desk gave me the same high of drinking it—there was no need for me to drink it. With a crash diet, believe you me, I lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks! Down from 140 lbs to 115 lbs! That was in 1999, nine years ago, and a different story.

Back again to Coke for another 3-4 years, especially when I was traveling. But in 2005 I shunned Coke. Yes, my affair with Coke was an on-off affair, until it ended in 2005. I discovered the wonders of tea one fine day in the tea plantations in Sri Lanka—another different story.

Until recently, Coke has again slowly been making my day. It has to be the regular Coke, not Light Coke, not Coke Zero. Coke gives me a high, even makes me forget certain things I want to forget. Coke gives me the “lift”.


This also appeared in The D Spot.

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