Happy at 2 am–Sorbetes @ Mini Stop + The Secret Garden

Monica was craving for something sweet at 2am. These days we have been careful about the food we eat because of the melamine scare, no more Cadbury, or M&Ms, not yet. We walked to Mini Stop, about 5 houses away from ours–it is relatively safe, with the roaming barangay volunteers just around the corner. She bought her strawberry candies, Pauline‘s Chocnut, and my Coke, then asked the cashier if they had soft ice cream. She knew it was a waste of time to ask because normally at 2am, most often than not, Mini Stop would have finished off its soft ice cream for the day, and its siopao, and its fried wanton, and its…the list goes on. She would always say, “m’aam, ubos na po kasi late na, tomorrow na lang po”. And I would tell her, “I hope Mini Stop improves its inventory strategy–try to have what the customers need Just In Time”. This time, to our surprise, the cashier proudly said, “yes m’aam, meron pa po!”.

We had one cone each: soft chocolate ice cream in sugar cone @P15/cone. Monica observed that Mini Stop’s soft ice cream was even cheaper than the street sorbetes (P20 for the same size and type of cone in UP). What more is that the milk Mini Stop uses for its soft ice cream comes from Australia, not China!

Yes, happy at 2am! Earlier, I was like this–in a pensive mood: And while I am working away, Monica and Pauline are happily watching a very old version of their favorite movie, “The Secret Garden” on TCM. The Secret Garden is also Monica’s favorite book, such that the 2 books we have at home are so tattered, one has already fallen apart.

(written at 2:30am, while on break from work)

This also appeared in The D Spot.

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