A Dining Experience at Nurture Spa

It was a day to unwind, to relax and to pamper oneself at the Nurture Spa in Tagaytay. Aside from the relaxing aromatherapy massage was the dining experience. All in one afternoon, I reminisced the dining experience in VietNam (for the spring rolls), Bangladesh (chicken tandoor), Sri Lanka (exotic teas), Batangas (bulalo), and Bicol (laing, but this time in pasta).


spring rolls Vietnamese style

chicken tandoor (how I wished there was mango chutney to go with it).

something new to me–laing pasta


Caesar’s salad

oriental salad

hot chocolate and mango wrapped in sticky rice

hot tea with ginger sweetend with mascupado (too sweet for my taste, though)


5 Responses

  1. […] experience a delicious lunch (more photos at Dine-a-Bite). […]

  2. Hey Dine, what yummy food these are.

    Last night, my husband and I had a late dinner (around midnight) at Cafe Brazil. The soup in bread bowl was particularly good.

  3. hay dine, naku, my saliva is running up or down……
    ang sarap, sarap, sarap….

    can i go with you next time?
    can you invited me to go this place?

    hope someday………..

    thanks for sharing

  4. laing, this is my favo, which mama cooked this kung nandiyan ako sa kanya………naku, hope mama can cook this when makauwi someday.

    daming coco-milk , tapos….hmmhhmmhhm

    bulalo…….naku, paki soup talaga ako…..hay naku nagugutom ako…..

    itong veggies……parang spinach with baguette bread?…..

    sarap-sarap………………hobby ko kasi, kain, try everything……

    thanks again.

    bago itong blog mo? ngayon lang ako dito ano?

  5. Everything looks good. I’ve been to Nurture Spa once but I was there because of a wedding. The place is beautiful. I have yet to try one of their enticing spa treatments.

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