Carnation Family Food Trip–Grand Handaan at Burnham Park, Baguio City

We took a short tour to The Mansion House, had some pictures taken, then went to the Good Shepherd for some delicacies that they are well known of. We were then dropped off by the driver of Southwest Tavel Corp, and were dropped off the Burnham Park to explore parts of the city. We returned to the hotel for another sumptuous lunch, again, prepared by Chef Billy King. We were told that we could not meet him as he was already in Manila.

We checked out of the Manor Hotel at 1pm, and headed again for Burnham Park for the day’s highlights–a Grand Handaan to enjoy, together with the other Baguio people in sampling the exotic dishes and delicacies of Vigan, La Unio, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Pangasinan, Benguet, Pampang and Bulacan.The food was truly delicious!

Entertainment was provided by the Power Puff Corn and Amsky. Baguio City must be proud of them, as the afternoon was oh so lively, with DJ Hilary.

It was also a time to bond with the members of the press, other bloggers (Noemi, Anton Diaz, Jehzlau Laurente, Juan Karlo Licodine, and Rain Contreras), Appetite and MEGA staff, and the people of Baguio.

We headed home for the long trip to Manila, and happy to be back home.

Thanks Andra Matias for the invite and to all the sponsors who made the Carnation Family Trip a successful one. I now have my own food blog!

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  2. hi.. i am dying to know the recipe for pulpog.. ive been eating it for years and until now i still dont know how to make one..can u provide me with it? thanks. =) im hungry now..

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