Nestle POPS–A new generation ice cream

A night of reminiscing, great food, and even greater dessert.

we remember our childhood!”, my bigger kids told me as we went to the
Nestle Creamery along Aurora Boulevard. They remember those carefree
days when we went to that place when they were little kids. Thanks to
Nestle Pops, we were again able to visit the place of carefree
happiness–plus, as said earlier, the great dinner, and the greater

got an invitation from Aisha to a dinner at the Nestle Creamery, and
the invite said, “bring your whole family”. I brought my 5 kids (out of
7), hubby, my mother, and the two boys’ girlfriends. We all saved our
appetites for dinner last Thursday, 26 June, and to our delight, we saw
the buffet table with a row of delicious food. While eating, the new
product was introduced to us using a powerpoint presentation projected
on the wall. After which, a mini online game called Get Your Pop On
specially made for the new product was featured, with the bloggers
(including myself) as the players. Oh, only a few points away and I
would have won myself that new lomo-cam! And to think that it was my
first time to play online (aside from Scrabble and Crossword Puzzles).
Four of us won gift certificates, as runners up. While the bloggers
were focused on playing, the restaurant’s crew presented a prepared
dance number to the rest of the audience.

all we’ve waited for–dessert! We didn’t know what to expect since we
were in the Creamery, where ice cream was their specialty. Our dessert
came in little red tumblers with POPS printed on the label. It’s their
new product! The first ever chocolate-coated ice cream snack which you
could eat anytime, anywhere! Bite it! Toss it! Flick it! POP it! It was
simply addicting. Ice cream has never been like this. It’s the only ice
cream which you could actually eat with your hands. Nestle POPS is also
good for sharing since there are a lot of POPS in one tumbler. It’s the
bite-sized vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell coating.

Thanks, Arpee for the photo with Toni, and thanks Toni for the NESTLE POPS photo).

By the way Nestle invites everyone to join the Get Your Pop On online
game. Just log on to, play the game, and you
will be on your way to winning any of the following: IMAX tickets,
Ocean Park tickets, gift certificates, Enchanted Kingdom tickets and a
Nintendo Wii console. The grand prize is an XBox 360 Console. Cool!

So easy (or is it?). Just throw pops into the mouths of the band
members while the sing and play their instruments. The highest scorer
for the week wins a price. The Nintendo Wii console is up for raffle at
the end of the promotional period. So, whether your score is high or
low, you still have the chance to win your dream Nintendo Wii console.

We went home with a gallon of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in a
styrofoam box packed with dry ice. I showed my kids how I and my two
brothers played with dry ice when we were small children. They were
amazed at how thick cold smoke came out of a bowl of water with tiny
bits of dry ice in it.

The trip to the Creamery started with my kids reminiscing at how
they enjoyed the former Magnolia House, and it ended up with me
reminiscing my play with dry ice. Thanks to the organizers, Mads and
Rosh for the warm welcome! Thank you, Nestle!

And…since two days after a surfeit of NESTLE POPS, my kids have been buying them from the nearby Ministop and popping away.

This was first published in The D Spot on 1 July 2008.


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