Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips

Now, I know why–why the kids would always show a certain excitement, craving and fondness when they talk about cello’s doughnuts.

Yesterday, Angela came home from school, excitedly announcing that she has brought me some pasalubong! It’s the other way round now, since after retirement—I stay at home most of the time, while the rest of the family members are either at work or in school. She handed me a light orange box containing 6 donuts. Naturally, I was touched with the gesture, but just that. Sensing that I was not sharing her excitement, she began orienting me.

These were Monica’s favorite doughnuts. Cello’s is one of her favorite hangouts in Katipunan Avenue, the doughnuts do not have preservatives and coloring, they’re very delicious, especially when served fresh and hot, with dips, in the restaurant itself. And they come in unique flavors, very much different from the leading doughnut brands, etc., etc. I was not listening much, she gave me a slice to eat.

mmmmmmm, delicious! mouthwatering! melts in the mouth!


I remember the time when Monica (eldest daughter) almost had a quarrel with Angela (2nd daughter who is in 2nd year high school at the Miriam College). She heard that Angela was at cello’s, and immediately texted her to buy doughnuts, even only 1 piece, almost pleading. She has missed Katipunan Avenue—she finished college in Miriam, and is now in at the Ateneo Law School in Rockwell. She was looking forward to the doughnut that Angela would bring home. She was very disappointed when Angela came home empty handed. She was not able to buy because she had already spent all her allowance. The kids have time and again been talking about cello’s. Most of the time, when cruising through Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, they would suggest that we stop there for some doughnuts. I would always be in a hurry, or would suggest other places for eating.

I like Gonuts, I like Dunkin Donuts, and Mister Donuts, oh, I would eat anything sweet! I never understood what the kids’ fuss was all about cello’s until that first bit of the caramel, then M&M doughnuts. I told myself, this is “teh doughnut”. Twas a sin not to leave some for Monica, I said.

My first time

That same evening, after watching the “Lighting of the Administration Building”-cum-cultural program in UP, we went to McDonald’s in Katipunan to pick up Vincent. In unison, everyone suggested that we stop by. And cello’s we went to, my first time actually.

Cello’s is a café located across the midpoint of Ateneo’s Gate 2 and Gate 3. It is on the 2nd floor of the Ma Mon Luk Mami King Bldg., above East West Bank and PSBank.

Ambiance is good, place is quiet, accentuated with soft orange lighting, very clean, and the employees are friendly and accommodating. I saw customers of all ages, not just students. I heard that families come and would hang out at Cello’s that eating there has become “a family thing.”

Cello’s doughnuts & dips offers a different variety of flavors like Oreo, Chocnuts, M&Ms, peanut butter, strawberries, chocolates, and blueberry cream cheese, honey glazed, sugar glazed, among others. The regular doughnuts sell for P20 a piece or P110 for a box of 6. Customers can also order a dip, like Toblerone, to go with their doughnuts. The dips are especially recommended with honey-glazed C shaped and pillows.

The lineup

Here is a sampling of cello’s doughnuts & dips product lineup:

* Original Doughnuts (best eaten when hot): Oreo, Cheese. Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Chocnut, M&M, Honey Glazed, Sugar Glazed, Caramel, Chocolate Sprinkled, Candy Sprinkled, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Crunch, Coffee at P20/piece, or P110/box of
* Chocolate Dough (chocolate yeast raised doughnut): singles, at P22/piece
* Premium (original dough, topped with extra special flavors: blueberry cheese cream, dark Belgian chocolate, singles, at P30/piece
* Cs (honey glazed c-shaped doughnuts for easy dipping): bag of 6 pcs. Cs at P72, and bag of Cs and dips at P102
* Pillows (honey glazed square shaped, bite sized doughnuts: ): bag of 20 pcs. pillows at P110, and bag of pillows and dips at P140

For those who would want to indulge and place as much flavor as they want per bite, cello’s offers special and delectable dips: Nutella, Toblerone, Dulce de Leche, White Chocolate, Strawberry, at P40/extra dip.

Taste is just right. These glazed goodies melt deliciously in the mouth. Looks like they’re not fried, but steamed, since they do not get greasy and remain soft even when they get cold. But my daughter swears that they are fried, as she used to watch them being cooked while waiting for their orders.

Not just doughnuts

In addition to their main product line, cello’s doughnuts & dips also has beverages (soft drinks, iced tea, soda, etc.), specialty coffee (hot drinks, on ice, and iced blended) and ice cream to complement their doughnuts. I am yet to sample their drinks, though.

We brought home 3 boxes of cello’s doughnuts, with a promise that there will be a next time for me at cello’s. Next time I come to cello’s doughnuts & dips, once I step inside the restaurant, there will be no diet for me,—diet will be a word temporarily forgotten, including the risk of a temporary increase in blood sugar level. I’ll take the momentary risk, just for a bite of cello’s doughnuts!

Business opportunities?

Cello’s doughnuts & dips, I learned is not yet into franchising, but it opened a branch in Taft Avenue last year. It caters for the A and B class, but who knows, someday, it could be the local brand of doughnuts that we Filipinos could be proud of!

Next Stop

Maybe, Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I have read and heard about them, but have not had the chance to taste one, even when Monica brought home a box a few days ago. Maybe, a taste test for me and the kids, featuring GO Nuts-Krispy Kreme-Cello’s!

First published in The D Spot on 11 December 2006


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