Carnation Family Food Trip–Milk-based specialty bangus meals at Lennox Hotel, Dagupan City

Appetite Magazine, a publication of the MEGA Publishing Group, on behalf of Carnation invited about 60 representatives from the press, bloggers, guests and staff of Appetite and Carnation to a 2-day Family Food Trip to Northern Luzon.

First stop was The Lennox Hotel in Dagupan City, where the group was greeted by the city’s ethnic dancers.

We delighted in a grand lunch buffet showcasing Dagupan’s main fare–the bangus (milkfish), cooked with Carnation Milk.

And here is the source of Dine-a-Bite’s header.

My favorites were the “malunggay soup”, the greens and steamed bangus.

My name was the first to be drawn in the raffle. I won a gift pack from Face Shop.


It was time to thank Lennox Hotel’s management and say good-bye to Dagupan City. We then headed off to Baguio City.


2 Responses

  1. […] pictures may be found if you click on the iinks to Lennox Hotel, Dagupan City, Manor Hotel, Baguio City and Grand Handaan, Burnham […]

  2. That is Germaine Chu on the rostrum. She was a student of mine (high school English). Her family owns Lennox Hotel 🙂

    I’m glad you had a good time. If only I wasn’t in Manila that time, I could have come to Lennox to meet you. Well, next time, I hope. 🙂

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