Carnation Family Food Trip–Billy King’s milk-based concoctions at Manor Hotel, Baguio City

It was raining in Baguio City when we reached there Friday afternoon. We checked in at the Manor Hotel. The city tour was moved the next day. I was glad that Wi-Fi was available–Airborne Access for P300/5 hours.

Dinner, the main event, was a set of sumptuous meals concocted by the renowned and ever elusive Chef, Billy King. Some of Baguio’s society graced the occasion. The array of food Gratinated Broccoli and Cauliflower, Steamed Sole, Chicken a la King, Malaysian Goat Curry, Mushroom Brown Rice and Risotto, and Boston Style Seafood Chowder, among others. Dessert was fruit crepe, fresh fruits, leche flan, etc. Most of them had Carnation Milk as an ingredient. I didn’t realize that there are unlimitles ways that milk can be used for cooking.

According to Appetite Magazine’s staff, the recipes will be published in the Magazine, so watch out for it! We thought Chef Billy King would grace the occassion. Key people from Carnation, MEGA Publishing and Appetite came for dinner, including some members of Baguio’s society.

There was another set of raffles and some speeches before we called it a night.


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  2. So how did you like the food? Billy King’s food is refreshing and delicious. Not so much the noveau type of food, and being a pioneer in the roster of chefs that are well recognized in the past years, it’s as delicious as ever. I have not tried the food at John Hay but he is the dad of my younger sister’s best friend, Shinead (they study at BSM), and I have tried the food in his restaurant French Corner which is the restaurant he owns in his hometown, and my village, Alabang.

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