Cakes, Cakes and Cakes

In our family of 7 kids and 2 baby grand daughters and an angel in heaven, we have a reason to celebrate every month:

January for our wedding anniversary (28 years now)
and Baby Cate’s birthday (she is 3)
February for my birthday
March for Angela’s birthday (she’ll be 17)
April for BA’s birthday (he’ll be 20)
May for Pauline’s birthday (she’ll be 15)

June for Angelo’s, wife Caren’s and daughter Pia’s birthday
(Angelo and Caren will be 28, Pia 5)
August for Alan Jr’s birthday (he will be 12), and Baby Michael’s birthday (on the 20th)
September for Vince’s birthday (he will be 19)
October for Michael’s flight to heaven (1 year on the 3rd)
November for Monica’s birthday (she is 24)
December for hubby’s birthday.

It is only in July that we do not have any occasion to celebrate. July used to be a day to celebrate the birthday of Chippy, our chihuahua who died when she was 13 years old.

As in every celebration, a cake is always there to cap the occasion. We have our favorites, Cravings Choco-Caramel cake and the Shoppersville cakes. Oh yes, sometimes we have Contis cakes (thanks, Angelo). but the all time favorites are the Shoppersville moccha, chocolate or orange cakes. Why? Because they taste just right, and priced just right. Not so sweet, and it has that consistency that even the small ones like. They are about 20% cheaper than the Goldilock’s and Red Ribbon cakes, which we also buy sometimes. Shoppersville is very near our place, it is right across Miriam College.
We also buy cakes just for any other reason, passing the UPCAT and ACET, a day to mark the start of a diet, a DLSU-ADMU game during UAAP days, a day to celebrate friendships, good grades, day for a sweet food trip, or even for nothing or no special reasons.

This post was first published in The D Spot on 10 March 2008.


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